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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Image War

             Ants are monsters for the vegetables..... So there was a wild violation between vegetables & ants.
  So because of this ,it finally resulted in declaration of war named "IMAGE WAR" .

             The vegetable commander is Mr.Onion... They have weapons like salt , pepper , mirchi powder.......                      Their soldiers are ladies finger's(okra) , the another important vegetable is Mr. tomato ,potatoes are considered as rollers and the other vegetables are considered as soldiers.....

              The ants army are of very huge with excellent tactics.....the army of the ants are divided into three groups respectively  soldier ants, huge ants and flying ants.... they are also considered to be the monsters, so their eating is the weapon....

              Now the war begins  :   both vegetable army and the ant army were stationed onto the battle field....and now the ant  army marched towards the vegetable army.... even veg army were waiting for the ants to get closer, as soon as the ants army came closer , veg army fired salt and pepper gases against them.... since ants army is huge, it did not affect them much.... and then even veg army marched towards them...then the morale of the veg army was weakening......during the battle the commander of the veg got a call from their allies , the fruits ,so they sent   three huge weapons, which has the power to destroy the ants army,and they were watermelon , pineapple and Cassatt....immediately the veg army , prepared a strategy to fire these fruits against the ants army... and now these fruits were fired at the ants army..... and this affected the ants army very badly, and they ran back ,and then ,the vegetables won the battle ....and they were very happy......

           Suddenly , the ''FARMER'' in the garden collected all the vegetables and sent them , to the market.................!

                                             KNOWLEDGE          PURPOSE

     ONIONS :-It is thought that bulbs from the onion family have been used as a food source for millennia. In Bronze Age settlements, traces of onion remains were found alongside fig and date stones dating back to 5000 BC.[7 the Book of Numbers 11:5 suggests cultivation probably took place around two thousand years later in ancient Egypt, at the same time that leeks and garlic were cultivated. Workers who built the Egyptian pyramids may have been fed radishes and onions.[7]

Vitamin A equiv.0 μg (0%)
Thiamine (Vit. B1)0.046 mg (4%)
Riboflavin (Vit. B2)0.027 mg (2%)
Niacin (Vit. B3)0.116 mg (1%)
Vitamin B60.12 mg (9%)
Folate (Vit. B9)19 μg (5%)
Vitamin B120 μg (0%)
Vitamin C7.4 mg (12%)
Vitamin E0.02 mg (0%)
Vitamin K0.4 μg (0%)
Calcium23 mg (2%)
Iron0.21 mg (2%)
Magnesium0.129 mg (0%)
Phosphorus29 mg (4%)
Potassium146 mg (3%)
Sodium4 mg (0%)
Zinc0.17 mg (2%)

POTATO  :-  The potato originated in the region of southern Peru.[5] Potatoes were first domesticated in Peru between 3000 BC and 2000 BC. In the Altiplano, potatoes provided the principal energy source for the Inca Empire, its predecessors, and its Spanish successor. In Peru above 10,000 feet altitude, tubers exposed to the cold night air turned into chuño; when kept in permanently frozen underground storehouses, chuño can be stored for years with no loss of nutritional value. The Spanish fed chuño to the silver miners who produced vast wealth in the 16th century for the Spanish government.[6]
NutrientWithout skin (156 g) (% RDA)With skin (173 g) (% RDA)
Vitamin C3328
Vitamin B62327
Pantothenic Acid97
Dietary Fiber915


Sunday, February 6, 2011


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