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Saturday, August 27, 2011

   The Person's Key

The cure for all the ills and wrongs, the cares, the sorrows, and the crimes of humanity, all lie in the one word ‘LOVE’, it is Devine vitality that every where produces and restores life.
                             - Lydia Maria Child

Giving importance to our dear person’s is priority,
Giving importance to third people is probability,
But the combination of each every probability = one priority
-NG. Sai Pragadeesh

       “A key is implemented for operating a switch in the form of a lock”

         Once upon a time there lived a person1, who is very good, loves & cares for every one, intelligent yet struggled very hard.
The person had a lot of hurdles, but still built up confidence and developed tactics and improved his thoughts, became a very good player of the real game called ‘LIFE’.

Well this game ‘LIFE’ has a lot of heavy locks, concepts & hurdles.

                                 Concepts were learnt,
                                 Hurdles were jumped,
But locks: few unlocked, few always been locked & few can be unlocked .

          Now such a player is playing. During the person1’s play, the person1 found another person2.
 Well this person2 is a very good, very loving, caretaker and a 100% lovable person by nature.
But weak hearted & trusts every one blindly.
Hence not a good player.  Since this person2 trusts every one and cares a lot, people just went on using and at one particular, they step on the person2’s heart, hence the person2 was crushed, depressed and worn out.
      At this point of time…

      The ‘TRUST’ which made the person2 hurted,
      The same ‘TRUST’ helped the person2 to hurt free.

That is the day when the person2 met person1.We know that person1 is already a very good player and very kind. As usually person2 started trusting this person1, this person1 also as usually started giving advices, because person1 has experienced a lot and always thought of making others happy.

While or during the explanation process from the person1 to person2, the person2 considered itself as a student to person1. The experiences and explanation continued.

                            Minutes were talked,
                               Hourly chatted,
                              Days were gone,
                        And months went historic,
                   Yet their relationship continued

Its been 7 months and now the person2 has been vibrated , changed , became strong enough, well to say in one sentence,
“Achieved every steps to become a real player of this game ‘LIFE’.

Now the person1 is very happy and at the same time very sad, because person1 has its own life that needs to be concentrated, since person1 needs to concentrate on its, person1 has to end the relationship and let person2 play its own game. When the person1 was about to leave without any intimation, person2 told person that,

                             You’re my angel,
                            You’re my mentor,
                          You’re my path maker,
                             You’re my guru.
   And felt very deep heartedly and never wanted to miss person1. This feel of person2 made person1 realize and even felt deep hearted and gave a promise that person1 would never leave person2.

              ( FROM THIS POINT OF RUNNING )…..
 “Today I am your enemy, but tomorrow I may be your friend”
     -NG. Sai Pragadeesh

Person1, atlast found the key, and the key is none other than person2, using person2 as a key, person1 unlocked many life locks and fame was at his door steps and always felt happy for its key. Now two months passed and person1 could not resist any more and really felt person2 in each and every work, and was so excited that person1 can not stop thinking about person2.

So, at one instance and situation person1 opened up and proposed person2, which made the person2 feel very happy , mal function and mute.

And finally both loved each other and continued their love that stands forever and their life is bonded. Which is the ‘MASTER KEY’ that unlocks many heavy locks……………..!

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens”
                                                        -Helen Keller

(NOTE: viewers red marked are quotes and green marked are quoters, well this is something different that happens in every ones life, well this is a imaginary story that i have written and just think person2's key is none other than person1, well i have not described because you viewers are well understanding, and when both of them combined could enjoy the universe, and there is one more thing, eachand every quote has a meaning behind this story and these quotes are selected by myself..! hence thank you people for viewing and please do comment if u like it or please even suggest me..! thanking you urs PRAGZ ).......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BRoKen HeArT..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God is great, I say!!!!!! He is the  one to decide how your life should be, we are just the players in this world. But sometimes I really start hating him.. There are times when god annoys me, makes me sad, makes me damn angry on him. !, Life is beautiful as long as your happy. But once that happiness is lost you, you feel like killing yourself for no reason. Hmmm……..! sometimes I think, I say… ''why god send people to our life, when he knows that they cannot be ours''..!. we love them a lot’ and one day you get to know that they were never your life property… They are just like a passing cloud in your life. Life becomes miserable once you start loving those people so deeply.. :( :(
                                  You try to forget them do all sorts of thing, but you lately realize that you cannot do that. And if you try to do it, you will just hurt your little heart ….. ''How does it feels when a person starts ignoring you whom you loved the most on this universe''… It is like,  [it is like] walking on broken pieces of glasses.. You know it hurts and the pain is unbearable but still your ready to bare for that person… silly but true. Why do we always like the people who hates us, who ignore us and not even bother to care us and think about us. Hmmmm…. {This heart is really very weak}….. 
* Your  hurted.. 
** your heart is broken into pieces,
*** but still you smile to show this world that your alive, happy & casualy cooool 
**** You know that some people cannot be yours...
***** But still your heart wants them, and feels better in their presence 
****** ''But  it’s a damn crazy world with crazy people in it…..''

.......... SO PLEASE DON'T STEPO ONO MY HEARTO .......... 

Thursday, August 11, 2011



World!!! World!!!! Beautiful World…..
Is so vast and round like a pearl..
Thousands of people walking around..
Who never comfort themselves in the sun’s warm….
Always chasing the speed of time..
As if in life the things are not fine…
Some say “hi” , some say “ bye”…
Some people trouble to say but they deny…

Some people are true…
Who never leave you….
Some people are bad..
Just as the black jack..
Cunning natured, fickle minded…
Who always take others for granted…
Always try to poke others life…
Some make there place in our life then in our heart….
Some try to change us..
But they themselves change as the time pass…..

Some start loving you…
As much as this universe…
You get your true love which you really deserve….
Some start hating you for small misunderstanding….
Loose there relationship and start parting….
Many have anger ,many have patience..
Some are ready to give life for your relation……
I guess ill never understand this world around me…
World!!!! World!!! Beautiful World……
So vast and round like a pearl…………………………..