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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


How are you?
A question that resembles a persons mood.

similarly takes a small toll on a little flower,
which grows strong and beautiful every day.

Its fragrance was used , but still the flower created more and more of it,
Making , itself a worthy ONE.

This flower is my favourite, used to feel bad whenever its been used.
So I decided to take care of the flower.
It knew how to make and spread its fragrance
How to attract ,and how to be strong.

Its soooo artistic with its blossoms and fragrance mixing up in the air.
Its night song is the one, that’s never forgotten.
Made the feel of heights at its environment.

A flower that blossoms all the time of nature calls.
Has now been an admiring one in the society.
I felt to uproot it and keep it for myself ,
But it has become sooo strong, that it would never come to me.
Whatever the flower is happy and has the capability to face any hurdle.

A beautiful flower which grows in this world , by developing quintessence of itself.